CG Consult

Financial and project administration

I provide consultancy services consisting of consultancy, assessments, reviews, strategic planning, training and education as well as structuring of workflows, organisations and institutions. Since 2013 I have been managing my own consultancy company and even though I have only been self-employed for 4 years, I have 17 years of experience within this area with a background of research and development. As a result of my many years in service I have obtained a wide knowledge of developing nations, along with a large international network.


Consultancy based on needs and environments

One of my main qualities is to adapt to the respective environments I visit when hired. As a rule I always pay attention to my clients position in the company, their culture and other important conditions. Since no job and no client are the same, I have a flair for working from the specific prerequisites of each individual case. I can absolutely guarantee a productive solution along with a great teamwork, throughout our entire cooperation.


Costs and contact

I travel a lot, spending more than half a year away from home, working with clients abroad. Therefor you have a better shot at reaching me through my contact form or through e-mail, and I will answer your enquiry as fast as possible. Do you insist and prefer to call me, you can reach me on the following number: 29 27 73 24.

As a rule my service is available at 750,00 DKK per hour (not including Value Added Tax). However, since each case and client is unique, my fee will vary based on the individual jobs’ extent and duration.

Culsultancy and project administration abroad